Difference Between Society And Community

In the world, thousands of millions of people live here. Different people have different beliefs. They all belong to different races. Some are Hindu, some are Muslims, some are Christians. There are so many beliefs present among people in the world. People in the world protest against each other.

So many beliefs are present in the world the people with same belief live together, cooperate together, happy together, share their happiness together. It is a healthy environment.

Among beliefs religious belief becomes popular. Different peoples from different beliefs live together to develop a community or society. Do you know the difference? Let’s continue what is the main difference between society and community.

Both society and community belong to a social group. society is the combination of different communities. In society different communities live together, they have different interests. While in society the people with the same beliefs or their same interests live together. Both society and community are the building block of the country. It depicts the interactions between human behaviors, their interest, and their beliefs and traditions.

Define society:

Society is the combination of different communities. In society the people from different races, beliefs live together. Who identifies and interacts with each other? It belongs to a social group. The individual is the small component of society and community. In society, different people share their common perspectives and opinion. society is very important it makes the different people live together. community made the society and society made the country.

Interaction occurs between various communities to become a social group. They interact with each other to produce a healthy relationship between communities. If there is no good connection, behavior among communities that communities do not become a part of a society and also from the country. Between different communities there is differences in their languages, traditions, culture, geographic distances isolated the communities from society and from the country.

Among communities, there is a lot of differences but they share common similarities like traditions of some communities are the same and also their culture and beliefs within the society. Society is a wide level and community is the small component of society

In society, heterogenous people mean different people live together although there is a conflict between communities in society but also exist their likeness and similarity in a community within society. Different people from different communities cooperate together, adjust to living together. Communities are separated by geographic distances unlike society is not affected by it.


The community refers to the group of people who live together to share their common likeness, religious beliefs, culture living in the same place, same geographic region. They have common characteristics with each other. The common things are friendship, culture, traditions, beliefs, opinions, family. Society is a wide level of heterogeneous and communities is a small level of homogeneous means same.

Sociology is based on two components community and society to create a beneficial social group. These are common characteristics the various communities are based on. Communities share their similarities with each other.

For communities, it is necessary to live in the same geographic region besides sharing their common interest and likeness. There is a lot of communities among in one social group. Different communities are separated from each other on the basis of source of income for example people in one community have work to do fishing, other one community to do farming so these are two different communities. Communities are different on the basis of caste, and gender. Comminutes are different on the basis of their business.

People in a community bring effort to remove conflicts and their differences. They share their likeness with each other to recognize themselves. Communities separated on the basis of their caste system. High caste dominates over low caste. They mistreat them, never share their likeness with low caste they do not prefer to marriage in a low caste community. People try their best to removes these kinds of differences and conflicts.

The interrelationship between society and community:

Communities share their common interest with each other to make a society. Society is a wide level and different community made a society. The individual is the small component of both society and community in a social group.

Comparison between society and community:

let’s see the common differences between society and community. There are some comparisons are below.

  • A group of people who lives in the same geographic region communicate with each other is called society. While in a community a bunch of people who shares their common interests lives together to make a community.
  • Society is diverse there are a lot of communities that live together under a society. While in the community is a small group of people shares their beliefs and interest.
  • Communication among people of the society is only based on their business and network. While in community interaction occurs more beneficially than in society because they share common interests.
  • Community is a small group there is a greater chance of homogeneity, while in society different communities live together so it is also wide greater chance to become a heterogeneity.
  • In society, there is a lot of variety while in the community it is defined locally.
  • The community has a perimeter and boundaries because it is localized. There is no variety in it but in society, there is no limitations, boundaries it is greater in diversity.
  • Society is vast in the world but the community is the narrow diversity
  • In Society interaction among people is based on their connections, growth in business. There are no concerns about their feelings, sentiments. But in the community people share their sadness, happiness, emotions with each other.
  • Society contains different communities so comprise the large. while in community comprise a small area
  • A large number of populations present in the society than the community.
  • Communication in society is voluntary they try to survive in society while communication in the community is based on sentiments.
  • In society, there is no need for all communities to live in the same region while in the community it is necessary to life in the same region.
  • Common interest, the likeness is of vital importance in the community while in society there is no necessity to share a common interest.
  • People in the community try their best to remove conflicts while in a society there is a lot of pf differences that exist between communities within a society.
  • The size of the community is smaller than society. This is a big difference between these two components

So, these are some differences or conflicts present between society and community. On the basis of these differences, we can easily define which is a community and which is society.

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Variety of community

In the community, there is also a different category in which different communities are based.

  • Likeness: People who share their interests live together are communities
  • Effort: People who effort to change their lives to become good members of society are also a type of community.
  • Location: Different people belong to different races when living together in the same geographic region is also a community.
  • Situations: People from the different region when faces difficult situations and decided to live together is also one community. These are some parts of the community

Variety in society:

  • farmer society: people from different communities have different professions so the people have lands they harvest their fields to survive
  • business society: different people have an interest in the business they set their business to become play a vital role in society.
  • Manufacturing society: When the industry evolves people change their mindset, they move from lands, family setup to industries. People who work there have labored to earn money.

These are some different types of society and communities. There is a lot of differences between society and community but they share some common interest.


Society is a wide level and community is narrow. There is no wide diversity present in the community. The individual is an important component of society and community. These two are the types of social groups.  In Society, different communities live together. While in community people share their interest and live in same geographical region.


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