How To Become Sales Tax Officer

Sales tax is a tax paid to the governing body for the sales of certain goods and services. Usually, laws allow the seller to collect the seller for the tax from the consumer at the point of purchase. In simple words, A company which forms its goods and it provides its services to the customer, the tax which on these goods is Sales tax. But the question is what is the method or process to become a sales tax officer? What are the requirements to become an officer?.

How To Become Sales Tax Officer

A sales tax officer deals in different areas like Manufacture sales tax, Wholesales tax, Retail sales tax, Gross receipt tax, Excise tax, use tax, Securities turnover excise tax, Value added tax, Fair tax, and tax. Governments need to support the administrations they give to the local area, like training, well being, protection, and foundation like streets. To do this they should gather cash, which is called income, through the duty framework. Without charges, the public authority would have no cash to offer types of assistance.

In this topic the process to become a sales tax officer is described.The education background to become an officer is discussed .So, let’s get started with the topic.

What is the Role of a Sales Tax officer?

A Sales tax officer is also known as a GST officer who uses different types of techniques and his ability to recognize spillage of government income as far as under GST (Goods and Service tax). Different types of technology knowledge is required in this field, knowledge of computers in addition to the fact that it helps to recognize regions where different tax avoidance are available yet additionally dissect information documented on the web. However, Adequate knowledge of GST laws are also required in this field.

The process to become sales tax officer

The process to become a sales tax officer is described in the following:

  • Graduation completion is necessary in any discipline
  • Preparation and appearance in the entrance exam of sales tax officer is necessary. 
  • Age limit 18-32 years (varies depend upon the different groupings)
  • Additionally, clearing the test with a decent score is significant as there is a much competition in this field
  • Selection criteria depends upon two rounds one is written test exam and other is interview round
  • Clearance of physical tests is also important in some cases. This might be done after the clearance of the exam. Physical tests include height, eyesight, walking
  • When you clear the test, interview you can land the position as sales tax officer and you are able to start your professional career

What are the required Subjects at School level to become a sales tax officer?

There is no limitation concerning which course a student wants to take up in school. As a student may choose science, arts depending upon his/her interest. So, a decent information of numbers is necessary, so you ought to pick math’s. Along with that, choosing a computer as a subject is also helpful when you are in practical life.

What are the required Subjects at College level to become a sales tax officer?

There is no limitation with regards which course a student wants to take up. Graduation in any discipline is necessary. A science student, arts student, medical or non-medical student can easily adopt this field. But for the test, you have a strong grip on the following areas General knowledge, mathematics and logic’s, Analytical reasoning, English.

General Syllabus pattern

The pattern of the syllabus on which way the paper will prepare is given below:

  • Mathematics & logic’s :20 McQs
  • English: 20 McQs
  • General science: 60 McQs ( Accounting,Economics,Public Finance & General).

Professional Opportunities in this field:

There are various opportunities related to the field of the sales tax officers and few of them are described here in the following:


Officials in this field acquire advancement as far as rank. As long as the officer fulfills his duties with rules and regulation’s the chance of promotion will also increase.

Expanding/Growth areas:

Growth relies upon status. Subsequently with experience, officials get elevated to a higher post. Along with the help of experience the person came to know the patterns to handle the situation and this will help him to grow strong in the field.

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FAQs regarding to sales Tax Officers

There are some regarding to sales tax offices so must read all these faqs.

What are the academic Qualifications required to become a sales tax officer? 

The student should be an alumni. There are no particular scholarly capabilities or degrees needed to enter this profession. Subsequently, graduation in any field, alongside clearing the placement test is essential.

What are the Higher Education Requirements?

No post-graduate qualification is required for this field. Besides, if a student wants to continue his/her higher education, they are free to pursue higher education.

Is there any kind of license required?

No, there is no license required for this post just need to clear the test.

 Is there any kind Experience Required?

No,   experience is required in this field. Any student after the clearance of the exam can practice as a sales tax officer.


Tuition required for test preparation?

Although no such kind of tuition is necessary in this field. You can prepare for the test on your own by making notes at home. Or watching some tutorials on YouTube.

Is there high competition in this field?

Yes, this field is very competitive. Although a number of students appeared in this exam during or after graduation.

What is the salary of the sales tax officer?

The salary for the salary is around 5 lac in starting it will further increase with the promotions of the officer .


Sales tax is an important factor or element in the development of a country. It greatly affects the economic growth of a country. But some people do frauds in sales tax. But in the presence of the sales tax officer, there may be a limit in the number of frauds. Officers provide a great role in the development of the country. Sales tax can greatly affect local economics. Have an effect on electronic commerce. A substantial decline in the sales and use tax revenue badly decrease the opportunities of common services. 




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