Difference Between Commission And Committee

The main difference between commission and committee is, the commission is appointed by the government for a specific purpose to report to the government about that, for which the commission is appointed to be while the committee is a subgroup of the original body which is not appointed by the government. This means it is a part of the original group or organisation which formed for a specific purpose to give a report back to the original group. And this group has not been appointed by the government. It is appointed to get information from various regions where the original group is unable to get the information. To differentiate it in detail at first let’s discuss commission and committee in detail.

What is the commission?

A commission is a group of people which is appointed by the government for a specific purpose. And this specific purpose has to give information to the government about that. The commission is not independent it can’t anything till the government allows him to do or to search the information about that particular thing. There is a lot of commission which works in our country and which is appointed by the government. Every commission has different tasks. Some have tasks to conduct elections, some of the tasks are to search for information about particular things. Some of the commissions which are working and active in India are:-

  • Election commission
  • Telecom commission
  • Chief labour commission
  • National human rights commission
  • Law commission
  • Planning commission
  • Finance commission

There is a lot more commission that is active in and working regularly in India. If we take a look what is the work of these of the commission then, the work of

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•        Election commission

The work of the election commission is to conduct the elections free and in a fair manner. It provides a particular code model to the parties for voting. The election commission tries to perform voting peacefully. And the main work of the election commission is to perform elections systematically. As the election commission perform elections so they have the right to take action against any party leader or the person who creates any distribuends while performing elections.

•        Telecom commission

Telecom commission works on the policy of telegraphs, mobile phones, etc. This means it is for digital communications, it monitors the digital communications and tries to improve the error if finds in this particular section. It means this commission is totally for digital communications.

•        Chief labour commission

Chief labour commission works on prevention and settlement of industries through which employment will increase and more people will get employed. It works to enhance the enforcement law of labour to get the welfare of labours. It means this commission works for the right of labour and try to get people more employed.

•        National human rights commission

The national human rights commission works for the protection of rights. In case if any human is getting harmed by any government person any common person then National Human Rights Commission has the right to take action against him. Its short form is NHRC. It works for the prevention of human rights.

•        Law commission

Law commission works for reformation of laws or changing in law if there is any loophole or something wrong in law then this commission reform that law and gives information to the government about the reformation and if the law commission gets the to launch and reform that law. Then this law commission can implement that law and can enter this new law in the book of the law.

•        Planning commission

Planning commission work to the consultancy with national or state government for their annual or monthly plan for their state or country. It makes plans for state government and national government for their five years of working. So the main work of the planning commission is to make a plan for state government and national.

•        Finance commission

Finance commission work to give recommendations to the union or state government about the distribution of tax for different sectors.

So from the above discussion about the commission now this is clear that the commission is a government-appointed group that works in various sectors and perform their works. Now let’s discuss the committee in detail to understand it.

What is a committee?

A committee is a group of the person appointed by the main organisation for a specific purpose to give information back to the organization about that purpose for which it is selected to be. This group of people is not appointed by the government, they are appointed by the head organization for some specific purpose where the head organization is unable to get the information directly. The committee has the independence to get information, it is not needed for him that at first take permission from the head only then they can perform that. These things have not important in the case of the committee. As it has been considered as subgroups of the organization which works on behalf of that. But the power of the committee has been restricted to the extent of a limit by the appointers of that committee.

But these restrictions are at a level where the committee can keep their opinion to the head organization. Although the committee has performed only those work which is assigned by the appointers, they have no right to work on any other project rather than the project which assigned by the appointers. The committee has to study deeply about that project and have to make well-researched information about that project. And then after they have to hand over to the organization or his appointers.

The main purpose of making a committee is to make a good decision with the experience of committee members and the head organization. Because committee members have researched about that project so they know about that. And because they have experienced so they will make better decisions. Various committees are working in Indian for different organizations and companies to get information. And the various typer of the committee are:-

  • Finance committee
  • Budget committee
  • Welfare committee
  • Marketing committee

And there is more another committee rather than that. But these are some of the main committees. And if we will see the work of this committee then, the work of

•        Finance committee

The work of the finance committee is to provide the financial analysis of the organization budget to the organization and also it gives advice and oversight to the organization about their budget.

  • Budget committee

The work of the budget committee is to provide information about the resources of the organization for the budget of the organization.

•        Welfare committee

This committee has work to take care of health. In case if any child needs support then this committee will provide the required need to that child.

•        Marketing committee

The main work of this committee is to analyse the market and give the report of the market to the organization for improvement. This helps companies to get more profit because now they have knowledge that what the market is demanding.

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Now from the above discussion, we can easily find the difference between commission and cCompariso

  • Commission is a government-appointed while the committee is not.
  • The main purpose of the commission is to report to the government while the purpose of the committee is to report to the organization or main group.
  • Committee is the subgroups of the original body while the commission is the original body itself.
  • As the commission is government-appointed so he can take action against the person who is guilty while the committee has only worked is to hand over the information.
  • Work of committee has to give advice and oversight while the work of the commission is to perform their job only.

So these were the main difference between commission and committee which differentiate both from each other

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