How to Become A Chartered Accountant After 12th

If becoming a Chartered Accountant have been your aim in life then you must have pondered about one question. Can I become a CA immediately after 12th standard? The problem is that you are asking a primary question. Instead of asking How to become a Chartered Accountant after 12th standard, you have been taking baby steps towards a goal that could be life changing. The Chetan Malik Classes are here to make your dream come true with the same logic with which we will have done for hundreds of other aspirants. But first things first.

If you are convinced that you must become a CA, then this is the article you are looking for, first thing first. This article will give query to the question of how to become a Chartered Accountant after graduating from school.

You can still strive for Chartered Accountancy after you have either completed your Bachelor’s or master’s degree in commerce stream. You will have advantage of skipping the first exam you need to clear to counter the secondary level of examination of Chartered Accountancy, called CA Intermediate (also – CA Inter), to go a step ahead in achieving your dream of becoming a Chartered accountant. This dream of yours can be realized not as easily as you may want but not with the dire difficulty as you may have been led to believe by those who are either not capable of dreaming themselves or have failed in their own attempts.

Let’s discuss the second examination of Chartered Accountancy in thorough detailing before because knowing is winning half the battle.

At first you have to know that graduating with commerce later in college is not the only way to achieve your dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant. The preparation can also be started at a much smaller level. Yes you guessed it right. Even after passing your 12th standard final examination board you can appear for the CA Foundation course which is the first exam for becoming a Chartered Accountant. After completing this, you move on to the second level of examination that is CA Intermediate. Named for being the middle exam in the series of examination you will need to pass in order to become a CA. If you wish to know more about the first exam you can check out our article about the CA foundation course that we have published separately.

The CA intermediate course was earlier known as CA IPCC – Integrated Professional competence. In the revision under Revised Scheme of Education & Training for CA Course by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or known by the abbreviation of (ICAI). The changes in course, syllabus and formats were carried out with keeping in mind the frontal changes in the job markets and the changing standard of the aspects of the specified job of chartered accountancy. Not only the international standards of chartered accountancy has changed, with it they have also bring into effect the new level of tasks and responsibility associated with the fame that comes after becoming a CA.

CA intermediate exams are conducted twice of year in the months of May and November with each of this consisting of eight subjects in total. For these eight subjects, aspirants are given a relatively short period of nine months to cover as much as seven thousand pages of study material that may exclude guides and supplementary books. All in all, it is another one of the long and lengthy endeavours to pass this second mandatory exam after you have either graduated with at least 50 percent marks with commerce subjects or have passed the CA Foundation Course after the final year of school.

While the course itself is hefty and exams complex with different levels, there’s also a point where you can relax and thank your fortune. There is no negative marking. If you attempt a question in a wrong manner, you may rely on the checkers to not deduct your marks unnecessarily for a simple mistake that may have happened to any of the humans on this round earth. We at the Chetan Malik Classes appreciate this because it only help students in the long run.

Being on the subject of the exam format, let’s dive into the topic and discuss the details thoroughly. Everything, we assure you before scaring you with intimate detailing, will be covered and taken care of by Chetan Malik Classes when you choose us as your guide and mentor for CA coaching. Now let’s start with the eight subjects that are also called eight papers as they constitute single identities but are divided into two groups. Each of these papers have hundred marks in total to be obtained. From each you will have to score at least fourty to pass.

First of the two groups in which the CA intermediate is vastly divided into contains four initial papers first of which is Accounting. Of course, the accounting is one of the foremost and important aspect of being in a Chartered Accountant. Accountancy being the first paper of the first mandatory exam only makes sense. The other or to say the second paper is titled Corporate and Other Laws which leaves you with the ability to grasp the laws and regulation around and in the job you are aspiring to take up as a permanent and secure career.

This important paper is further divided into two parts to not tamper with the essential process of the learning students. In order for you to be the best at your job at the same as being lawful and tenacious. You will need to remember a lot of laws and regulation which you probably haven’t heard of before. So be prepared for that and remember one thing, Chetan Malik classes are there for. Our methods will not only make you understand the necessary laws for this post but you’ll also be able memorize them for as long as they take their time to be printed like a permanent ink in there.

Now, to continue our discourse. The two parts of the second paper, which deals with the law has been deals with two similar yet peculiar categories. In the first paper we have the Company Laws. The Laws that deal with the private companies as well as those under the government. Sometimes certain companies and corporations have some of their own personal clauses for which you need to be prepared for beforehand.

The paper and its course study will help you deal with them and also the terms and conditions that are already widely accepted and made lawful under laws of common interests. The second part of this paper is not something to be discussed on length except that this part covers all the laws that seem unnecessary at first but end up giving you trouble or inconvenient later if you aren’t acquainted with them. Though not much complex, these laws extremely important to be taught to a future Chartered Accountant. Thus the need of a special category for them. The company laws take up 60 marks of the paper while other laws the remaining 40 percentage.

The third paper in the series is Cost Management and accounting. To emphasize the importance of the paper we want you to imagine all the lessons you received from your parents about the saving of money and always keeping some spare cash for emergency. Similarly, it is also important for you to learn management of money as well as your staff. Well, paper only teaches you about management of money because it is important indeed to be prudent when you are managing so many responsible at such a high post. It takes up the entire 100 percentage of the marks.

But with the fourth paper falls in the format of division between two parts. The title of the paper is Taxation and it is not really on us to tell about the importance of that word. With great powers comes great responsibilities and the job you are aspiring for is does hold a large amount of that. With this great job you will have a lot of managing of money to do and again, we do not have to tell you this as you must be already aware of the fact that a lot of people have landed themselves in jail over the taxes. This sentence alone is enough to make you understand the need for this topic and paper in way to be a Chartered Accountant.

We at the Chetan Malik Classes believe in leading with examples and once you have visited us and have become a part of us, you will see for yourself why we are the ultimately choice for you to be teaching such topics. Our management is so topnotch that arguments to dispute the fact falls on deaf ear. It is visible to the naked eye. Everyone who have been a part of our coaching can tell you that.

The first part of the Taxation paper deals with only the Income Tax Laws. As you must also be aware of the fact that most of the people who go to the prison for tax evasion goes mostly for the Income Tax and that is where the focus is the put by the course makers and that the where we will keep our focus when we teach you for it at Chetan Malik Classes.

The second part of the fourth paper is all about the other taxes that somehow end up making a big different in the overall generated income if they are left unchecked. To cover up these Indirect taxes under your course was an essential part of the syllabus making process and we cannot agree more with the thought.

If you feel tired now just by knowing all the topics and papers just try to understand the hard work it will take to achieve the goal of passing them all. But not to worry because Chetan Malik Classes are here to help you. And to show you our commitment, we will be diving into the sea of details again just for you because a good second part of the CA intermediate is still waiting to be untangled. 

Now we come at last at the Group two of the Chartered Accountancy Intermediate course where we have four more papers just like we had them in the equal number in Group one. The fifth paper, this first one on the second group, is titled Advanced Accounting. More and more accounting but not to be worried about the excess amount for this paper cover some newly developed methods and techniques which must have been under the consideration under the revision of Accountancy standards. The paper is a bit lengthy and therefore take up entirety of percentage.

The sixth paper is titled Auditing and Assurance. Even when this article was written it was checked for grammatical mistakes and you must be so wrong if you think theirs is no scope for such things in such a high profile job which you wish to handle some day. Auditing and assurance is part of the daily life and every single human activity, why should accounting be any different? If you have an answer to this questions let us know. But only after you have joined us.

The seventh paper rather have a complex and long name just like the paper itself and to be honest we would like to help you understand it completely. The Enterprise Information and Strategic Management may have a lot to do with the enterprises just like the name suggests it but it is not all that it covers. Although the enterprises are a little different type of corporations than the companies there functions vary not so much. This paper covers the differences and the different approaches to handling them. The paper is divided into two parts, first dedicated to the enterprise information and the second to Strategic management. These two may be forced to be divided even after being in the same paper but their correlation have helped them be studied together for this CA Inter.

Last but not the least, we have Financial Management and Economics for Finance. You must remember really well how much we have been emphasizing the need for managing skills and knowledge of the taxes and at last we have our very own paper to deal with that aspect separately. This paper is nothing new that we have not already told or taught you. The first part of it deals with Financial Management in which you will be tried and tested for you management of money skills and in the second part of the paper you will be asked more about economics that is used for finances. For it, you will have to have a sharp mind which will be able to save money without resorting to unlawful ways.

This is the reason income tax and other such laws have been brought under this course of Chartered Accountancy Intermediate. These little things are what makes us the best choice to be your guide and mentor. We are here loud and clear words recommending ourselves to you. At no time you shall regret making the right choice and choosing us, If you talk about the Best CA Coaching Classes In Delhi, the name Chetan Malik Classes comes.

So if you are fresh out of school, join us in our next batch of CA Foundation and if you have completed your B.Com or even M.Com, you are welcome in our CA Intermediate classes.

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