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The name CA Foundation Course may sound like an establishment or an institute of some sort. In fact, it has been, in the past, mistaken for other such organization with the similar initials. But here at the Chetan Malik classes it holds a different meaning and a unique purpose that singles it out of the entire confusion make it stand out in an absolute perfect manner.

The CA Foundation Course that we at Chetan Malik classes talk about of has nothing to do with anything organizational but everything about it is in all manners related to the foundation of an aspiring candidate of Chartered Accounting. Rightly name for its foundational values and it efforts to hone the perfectly skilled accountants. It is an entrance level course for the school students who have left behind the days of carefree schooling and are now pondering about their future. For those school boys and girls who aspire to be a Chartered Accountant or CA, it is a mandatory course which they can enroll into without the need to be a college graduate.

However, the students who have spent their college life in field of commerce, can skip this course if they have a change of mind and now want to venture into this field of prestige that is full of profits. If you have a Master’s degree with just a little marks more than the half percentile score, you can easily dream about getting ahead in the race. Even with a Bachelor’s degree you are absolutely eligible to do away with the Foundation Course but only if you have the more or at least 50% of total calculated marks. The same rule applies for Master’s degree.

If you are someone with a master’s or bachelor’s degree in commerce and your final results calculates to at least the digit five followed by a zero, then this article may not of be a great use for you because you can easily dream of being a Chartered Accountant without the need of pursuing the foundation course. Chances are that the essentials of the Foundation Course has already been covered by your college syllables and taught to you in the post school classrooms.

This article seeks to guide those who may be surrounded and misguided by inexperienced and spiteful people who may not want them to succeed or are just unaware of the process creating a new life. Being a Chartered Accountant should be your choice of career if you look forward to a financially secure and stable life that is full of comfort. Who else may be more confused for their future prospects and opportunities other than the late teenagers who are coming into their final years of schooling and starting stage of adolescence?

No doubt the prospect of a career in accounting is an enticing one and there is no lack of students who desire to achieve this ambition. If you are a young school student that matches the criteria, which means if you have passed your 10th standard from CBSE or any other government recognized regional state board or are about to. We at the Chetan Malik Classes hope this article finds you just in time for it is you that we seek to reach. Even those who could not score more than fourty nine percent in or may come to us for guidance. Education and opportunities are not prisoners of youth.

The CA foundation course, as it is known today is designed and conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India (ICAI) as an entry level exam that seek to prepare the future Accountants in the field of chartered accountancy. Formerly, the course was limited to being an entry level test called Common Proficiency Test or better known as by the abbreviation of its initials – CPT.

The decision to replace the common proficiency test with CA Foundation was taken by ICAI after seeing some drastic and revolutionary changes in the job markets in India as well as abroad. Not to make it merely a name changing, the ICAI also included many changes to the subjects of the syllabus of the exam and the structure of it in terms of questionnaire.

The old format of the exam consisted of 200 questions, was divided into four parts: 60 questions for Accounting, 40 for Mercantile Law, 50 for economics and the last quarter for Quantitative Aptitude. The new format of CA Foundation, which came into existence of practice in the year 2018 is more versatile in handling the new changes of the job market and office responsibilities. BY replacing CPT, the ICAI has also evolved it’s method of examinations by making the CA Foundation questions subjective as well as objective while keeping the four above mentioned categories of subject intact. This is turn will help aspirants in deal with real life situation with as much of the technical ability as the logical thinking that derives itself from the personal experience or other non-technical methods that may as well include stories heard during childhood days as well as the literature read in school and colleges.

Not only that but the reliability of the entrance exam of the new pattern is better under the CA foundation because it is very well designed keeping in mind the International Education standards as described by the International Accounting Education Standards Board. 

Keeping in mind that the change is constant and many things need to evolve in accordance of changing time, everything has a Unique Selling Preposition (USP) in this regard. If we talk about the requirements of these change, it comes as a no big surprise that the syllabus of Chartered Accountancy, being one of most important field in the technical world, it is constantly changing for the better. Hence the need of letting the CPT and placing in its place the CA foundation. Regular change in curriculum and requirements needed understand it is the USP of Chartered Accountancy.

The CA consist of three levels – the very first is foundation, the one we’re talking about, the second one is intermediate and the last one is exactly what you guessed – final. 

In the first step known as Foundation, we have four exams covering different subjects and methods. The first paper or the exam is named Principles and Practice of Accounting, Its objective is to help aspirants develops an acute understanding of primary methods, basic concepts and principles of accounting that will also help them in preparing financial statements. Its syllabus consist of theoretical framework such as meaning and scope of accounting, accounting standards of Indian subcontinent as well as other places and countries and accounting glossary among other essential topics.

All in all, there are ten important topic in the syllabus of the first paper. Those are: –

  1. Theoretical framework
  2. Accounting process
  3. Bank reconciliation statement
  4. Inventories
  5. Concept and accounting depreciation
  6. Accounting for special transaction
  7. Final account of sole proprietors
  8. Partnership accounts
  9. Final statements of not-for-profit Organizations
  10. Introduction to company accounts

The second paper which deals mainly with the business aspects of accounting with an objective of giving aspirants an understanding of business laws and the idea of addressing the issues and complication of dealing with them later. The name of the paper is Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting. The syllabus for it is no more complex than the requirement of being the second paper in the series but it is rather long with multiple sections that divides the long list.

The Section A consist of important laws such as The Indian Contract act of 1872, The Sale of Good act of 1930, The Indian Partnership Act of 1932, The limited Liability Partnership act of 2008 and the recent The companies Act of 2008.

The section B of this paper is rather long that is further divided into four more parts. While it first part deals strictly with Communication and its types, other parts covers more diverse passages of the English grammar and comprehension. These are:-

  1. Sentence types
  2. Vocabulary root word, Synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, phrasal word, collocation and idioms,

After which the third part begins and includes-

  • Comprehension passages
  • Note making

Followed by the fourth part-

  • Introduction to basic writing
  • Précis writing
  • Article writing
  • Report writing
  • Formal letter writing
  • Formal mail writing
  • Resume writing and
  • Meetings.

After we are done with it, the rest is still a long way off because there are 2 more papers in the pipeline with the third one titled Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics. Its objective is providing basic mathematical understanding and that of statistical tools and their applications as well as logical reasoning.

Part A of it consist of:-

  1. Ratio and proportion, indices and logarithms
  2. Equations and matrices
  3. Linear inequalities with objective functions and optimization
  4. Time and value of money
  5. Permutation and combinations
  6. Sequence and series
  7. Sets, relations and functions 
  8. Basic applications of differential and integral calculus

After that we move to the logical reasoning part which includes

  1. Number series, coding and decoding plus odd man out
  2. Direction test
  3. Seating arrangements
  4. Blood relations
  5. syllogism

Then we move to the part of the paper that covers topic such as:-

  1. statistical description of data
  2. measures of central tendency and dispersion
  3. probability
  4. theoretical distribution
  5. correlation and regression
  6. index number and series which is also divided into index number and time series analysis

if you have run out of patience, don’t forget that we have just reached the syllabus of the fourth examination of CA Foundation course which is titled Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge. To your relief, it is only a two part exam with eleven topic which are neatly listed below.

The first part business economics:-

  1. introduction to business economy
  2. theory of demand and supply
  3. theory of production and coat
  4. price determination in different markets
  5. business cycles

After which, we move onto the final part of the final paper:-

  1. business and commercial knowledge – an introduction
  2. business environment
  3. business organization
  4. government policies for business growth
  5. organizations facilitating business
  6. common business terminologies

Now that you know, with proper facts and data that the journey to become a Chartered Accountant is a long and hefty one. We find it compulsory the need to remind you that though the process may be long and tiring, it need not be alone and perilous. Since the best Chartered Accountancy institute or the best online coaching for ca foundation in Delhi is ready eager to help you with everything without letting any trouble befall on you. That institute is us – the famously known Chetan Malik classes. The best that is there in the chartered accountancy, not a business but in partnership with future chartered accountant.

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Even where other institutes lack understanding, which if you remember is an essential part of Chartered Accountancy, we have you covered with best services. Because we work with absolute logic and a deep understanding of the need of our students. We have colored books that will save you from boredom and depression.

Even if the name of Chetan Malik Classes was not enough, the reasons listed above surely puts us in serious consideration for being you helper, guided and mentor in CA coaching. What’s more, we already knew that. So to not further waste your own time, come and enroll with us for the brightest future.

I hope you have understood my explanation for your query ” Best Online Coaching For CA Foundation”.

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